Personalized & Professional
Dog Training, Behavior Modification,
and Boarding Services
How can I help?
​​​From boarding and sitting to specialized training,
I'm here to make your life easier...and your dog's life happier.

Dog Sitting

  1. Dog Boarding
    Providing personalized overnight stays, my goal is to minimize your "baby's" anxiety while you're away. Simply put, I will guarantee a healthy AND happy dog when you return!
  2. Doggie Daycare
    Providing your special friend an exciting and fun change of pace from his/her daily routine. Daycare may include a visit to the dogpark (if owner approves), leash walks, and/or a ride in the car. Rest assured, your dog will be safe and closely monitored at all times!
  3. Dogpark Visit
    Sometimes your pup just needs a break! I'll pickup your dog and take them for an hour+ visit to the dogpark, of course with professional supervision.

​Dog Training & Behavior Modification

  1. Puppy Training
    Congrats on being a new puppy parent! Now the work begins...I specialize in puppy training and development, to include basic obedience, leash walks, socialization, dog park introduction, crating, & housetraining.
  2. Rescue Dog Rehab
    First, THANK YOU for adopting! I've worked with several shelters and greatly appreciate anyone who rescues. Now, let's ensure your new best friend is successful in his/her new forever home.
  3. Socialization & Exposure
    Having a well-adjusted, confident dog is about more than going to the dog park or group play daycare. Your pup needs exposure to a wide variety of things to survive the "real world."
  4. Obedience Training
    A must for any dog! Learn all the basic cues to get your dog off on the right paw: sit, stay, down, off, leave it, focus, come, and leash walking.
  5. Behavior Modification
    Like humans, no dog is perfect (well, maybe a few). I can help with a variety of typical "problem" behaviors, such as chewing, barking, door bolting, fence running, jumping, digging, escape, etc.
  6. Dog Park Orientation
    Know what to look for during entrance, introductions, friendly vs aggressive play, and basic doggie communication. Most importantly, know how to avoid and stop aggression from other dogs.